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05/19/2009 10:08 PM By DBenitez
Dario - I got a few reviews from Cubano that I had requested. They are in no particular order.

El Baton - This is definitely not you typical JC Newman Cigar cause it has mostly tobacco from Nicaragua. The wrapper is dar...

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10/15/2011 02:00 PM By DBenitez
The following beer is one of the reasons I love being in Tampa, Cigar City Brewing. If you haven''t heard of them, they are a micro brewer in the heart of Tampa. About half of their beers are a dedication to the Cuban influence over Tampa. From M...

10/08/2011 10:58 AM By DBenitez
Alright, so I''m officially starting the reviews today (for every Saturday from here on out). I waited till today because of a beer I just saw on TV, Guinness Black Lager. I''m a Guinness drinker outside of St. Patrick''s day so this took me a bit...

09/20/2011 02:20 PM By DBenitez
1894 Henriques & Henriques Extra Choice Madeira Malmsey Review

So I''m going to start the reviews with something ridiculous. The Madeira shown in the picture is 1.5 ounces, circa 1894 and cost $50. I was lucky to try this since one of...

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