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Beer, Wine and Spirits: Cigar City Brewing Black Whole
10/15/2011 02:00 PM By DBenitez

The following beer is one of the reasons I love being in Tampa, Cigar City Brewing. If you haven''t heard of them, they are a micro brewer in the heart of Tampa. About half of their beers are a dedication to the Cuban influence over Tampa. From Maduro Brown Ale, Jose Marti Porter, Bolita and so on, they have a great selection. The beer up for review today, Cigar City Brewing Black Whole, is a new experience for me.

For starters, the beer is black as night with a medium brown head. The aroma has a hint of chocolate, but nothing striking. Upon the first sip you can immediately tell the porter taste. The weird thing was it didn''t hit with as much kick from a porter but there was a lot more flavor. The other great part was it didn''t feel heavy for being such a flavor heavy beer. I had about 3 of these, in a snifter, and didn''t get tired of it. This is also the reason why the review is being submitted in the after noon rather than the morning.

This is a great beer for the winter time with a strong smoke. If you attempt anything medium or less in strength, the flavor of the beer will most likely take over. I''d say any full flavored cigar or complex medium full cigar would be a great partner for this beer. Also for those of you that prefer flavored/infused cigars, it would go great with any chocolate type or the Rocky Patel Java Mint.