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Beer, Wine and Spirits: Guinness Black Lager Review
10/08/2011 10:58 AM By DBenitez

Alright, so I''m officially starting the reviews today (for every Saturday from here on out). I waited till today because of a beer I just saw on TV, Guinness Black Lager. I''m a Guinness drinker outside of St. Patrick''s day so this took me a bit by surprise.

Upon opening the bottle and smelling the bottle, there is a small hint of a Guinness draught (draft for the Americans). Upon drinking, there was a very different taste than I had expected. In short, it tastes like they blended Guinness draught with a maltier beer. And it tastes good. The malt part of the beer is what hits you first, but there is a distinct after taste of Guinness draught. Upon a few more "sips" you can gauge the two separately.

Based on the taste profile, I would suggest either a full bodied smoke or a mild-medium with a lot of complexity. The after taste of the beer is noticeable enough to overpower a week cigar or one with no complexity. Suggestions are Liga Privada No.9, El Baton and the Pride Ritual.