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Beer, Wine and Spirits: 1894 Henriques & Henriques Extra Choice Madeira Malmsey Review
09/20/2011 02:20 PM By DBenitez

1894 Henriques & Henriques Extra Choice Madeira Malmsey Review

So I''m going to start the reviews with something ridiculous. The Madeira shown in the picture is 1.5 ounces, circa 1894 and cost $50. I was lucky to try this since one of my cousins took me to Burns as a birthday treat.

First off, the aroma resonating from the glass was insane. It was a solid 2 feet away and I could smell the sweetness that Malmseys are known for. Putting my nose in the glass and inhaling the scent was one of the the highlights. The scents that were being produced were heavenly; a blend of sweetness that was strong but clean at the same time. I had some water first to cleanse my palette before tasting. I took a small sip, let it roll to the back of my tongue and underneath it. Wow, simply wow. For the first time in my life, I witnessed perfection. The viscosity was on point, enough to wrap itself around similar to the smoke from a cigar. Every taste bud I had flared in excitement. The sweetness that radiated from the scent was matched by its taste. The perfect amount that drew attention to itself, but didn''t cause the corners of my jaw to panic for being too tart. After a couple sips, I tried this with some German chocolate cake. A great combo, but it does take away from the Madeira a bit since I started to focus more on the chocolate instead of the wine.

Regarding smoking with a cigar, this would be a tough choice. I might suggest smoking a mild to mild-medium cigar to not alter the wines perfection. Some recommendations are: Montecriso White Label, Ashton Cabinet Selection or the Gurkha Beauty.