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Cigar of the Week: Multiple Reviews by Cubano
05/19/2009 10:08 PM By DBenitez

Dario - I got a few reviews from Cubano that I had requested. They are in no particular order.

El Baton - This is definitely not you typical JC Newman Cigar cause it has mostly tobacco from Nicaragua. The wrapper is dark. All I could smell was a strong aroma and it reminded me of a Pepin cigar. Had a little citrus taste on the draw before lighting it. There was a bit of spice at first and what surprised me that it was pretty full bodied. I had a little spice threw the entire cigar. I have had 3 of these and the burn was never bad but still never straight. Also one of the best part about this cigar is the price. $5.30 a stick and has a big ring gauge which I like. Pretty smooth and consistent in taste. Im gonna give El Baton a 91 out of 100.

Liga Privada no 9 Robusto - This cigar is one of my favorite cigars out there. Made by Drew Estate, and one of the best cigars made. This cigar has Nicaraguan and Honduran filler, a Brazilian Binder and Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. This cigar is dark chocolate color, full bodied and sweet. The wrapper is pretty smooth. Smelling the foot of the cigar was great, it had a sweet strong scent to it that I cant depict what it is. I cut the cigar and smoked it and from the first puff after it was lit was amazing. On the retrohale it was sweet and powerful. Nice thick and creamy smoke. Burned slow and very even. The ash was pearl white and held up pretty well. Also, the cigar is about $10.00, but well worth the money. If you have not had this cigar you need to get it and try it. Its not your typical Drew Estate Cigar. I would have to give this cigar a 96 out of 100.

Rocky Patel Winter Collection Robusto - Ok, I was very surprised by this cigar. Never expected something like this from Rocky. Too bad this is only a one time blend. This cigar is decently priced at about 6 bucks a stick starting with the robusto. It has a dark wrapper and it has some weight to it. The foot of the cigar was strong and smelled of raisins. I cut the tip and took a pre-lit draw. Was great, had some spice and got the same raisin taste. I lit the cigar and right off the bat it was powerful, especially on the retrohale. It almost made my eyes water cause I was not expecting it. The whole cigar was spice and power, really nothing more to it. I like a strong cigar though so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Burned well and even and had a nice white grayish ash to it. I smoked this cigar down to the stub too. The aroma was strong almost too strong. The construction was great to, almost flawless. I would have to give this Rocky a 92 out of 100.

Cuba Aliados Miami Edition Toro - This is one of my favs. A little pricey I think at about 8 bucks a stick for the robusto but still a great cigar. The construction is great a little veiny but smooth. Was pretty light as well. The foot of the cigar had a decent aroma of tobacco, didnt get too much else from it but that. Smelled of cedar cause its wrapped with a thin piece of cedar. I took a few pulls of the cigar before lighting it and was very flavorful, that I couldnt tell you what I tasted but all I know is that it was good. I lit the cigar and from the first few puffs I got lots of different flavors. This cigar is very complex. It also burned very well and had a grayish ash. I got threw almost half of the cigar before the ash dropped. I smoked this cigar for about and hour and a half and enjoyed every minute of it. I would have to give this cigar a 91 out of 100.