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I just got this box in yesterday and couldnt help but light one up today. i planned on waiting a few weeks. out of the box a great cigar, awesome burn and aroma with a good ash as well. cant wait for them to rest a bit and smoke some more. Hopefully i can resist smoking them for a bit. Just a great cigar, full bodied and nice flavor.
not bad for a cheap smoke. a little harsh at first but a little bit of age does them well. for the price i like it and it is a regular short smoke for me.
I have smoked many of these. There always consistent , and my opinion the best out of the My Father line up. I always smoke the #1 which is a Robusto size. Has lots of flavor, has spice, sweetness and balanced by smoothness and elegance!! Construction is fantastic and burns great. Has a rich aroma and its once cigar i dont like to put down.This cigar is top notch and should be tried in any size, would highly recommend this cigar!!!
Great smoke as usual. The draw was slightly tight so made a larger cut. It burned evenly up till half way but then caught up. Had a strong punch throughout the whole cigar and almost got light headed at one point. Great cigar for a full body taste.
Not too sure how I should rate this. Wasn't my favorite, but I don't have the palate to really describe in full what I was experiencing. i enjoyed the mild flavor of the cigar, though it was a bit large for me. Probably wouldn't buy again till a later date because I have a few more to go through. Overall: Mild flavor, a bit more woody than I prefer, and a bit too large for my liking. ***Further Research Required.*** My next cigar I will be more aware of things to better rate this for myself.