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Cigar* Bolivar - Bolivar - 7 x 49 - Colorado Maduro
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5 Vegas - Gold

Humibase average of 1 rating(s)

LxRG 6 x 50
Shape Toro
Size Toro
Country Rolled Honduras
Filler Honduras
Binder Honduras
Wrapper USA/Connecticut
Color Colorado Claro


Not too sure how I should rate this. Wasn't my favorite, but I don't have the palate to really describe in full what I was experiencing. i enjoyed the mild flavor of the cigar, though it was a bit large for me. Probably wouldn't buy again till a later date because I have a few more to go through. Overall: Mild flavor, a bit more woody than I prefer, and a bit too large for my liking. ***Further Research Required.*** My next cigar I will be more aware of things to better rate this for myself.