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Cigar City Brewing Black Whole Review up in Features
Good Afternoon,
I just put up the Cigar City Brewing Black Whole Review in the features section. Hopefully I will be able to review more Cigar City in the near future. Everybody enjoy your smokes and the sports greatness that is October!

Guinness Black Lager Review up in Features
Morning everyone,
I am officially starting the reviews as of today. The first one up is Guinness Black Lager. Frank has got a couple more people for the cigar reviews as well. Those should start within the next couple of weeks so we have a steady stream of reviews. Enjoy your smokes!

New wine review up
Hello all,

Wanted to update y'all that a new review is up. It's on a wine that is 100+ years old. Also, in the near future the home page and features section should be one in the same. Until then, I'll keep updating the home page whenever a new review is posted. Again, over 100 years old!

Humibase 2.x continues
Hello everyone,

We have already started on working the remaining pieces for Humibase 2.0. Frank has been drafting some cigar reviewers with experience to add some outside presence while I continue building up for the non-cigar reviews. I've also been working with Bronson, the brains behind the site, regarding more design upgrades and site functions. And lastly, Frank and myself will be working soon on cleaning up the database and adding a plethora of more cigar entries. As always, enjoy your smokes and thanks for the continued support.

Where is my pen...
Hello all,

While I'm building up some reviews and Frank is trying to find his pen for that IPCPR review, but we got an interesting link from USA Today. The link is regarding Cigar City Brewing, a great marriage of beer and cigar heritage. Here is a small preview with a link.

"TAMPA, Florida – When a friend gave Joey Redner a taste of a beer that had been aged with Spanish cedar — the wood used to wrap and box cigars — he knew it was an idea worth stealing.
The aroma and flavor instantly reminded the then avid home brewer of his hometown's historic Ybor City and the hand-rolled cigars Tampa is famous for. And he knew that if he ever owned a brewery, his beer needed to evoke the same memories." Cigar City Review